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How Volk Packaging is keeping their staff members safe

Volk Packaging has been deemed an "essential service" during the coronavirus pandemic and has continued operations safely with a staff of 90.

  • Name: Derek Volk
  • Title: President
  • Company: Volk Packaging
  • Region: Biddeford, Maine
  • Industry: Manufacturing Industry
  • Vistage Chair: George Casey

Volk Packaging, which services industrial manufacturers that produce household necessities like toilet paper, has been deemed an "essential service" during the coronavirus pandemic and has continued operations uninterrupted with a staff of 90.

Essential business continues for Derek Volk at his facility in Maine

Leadership Opportunity: According to Derek's wife, Amy, who serves as director of communications and public relations - as well as a former state senator - the company has taken every precaution to keep their employees safe, including splitting up shifts, closing the building to all but essential personnel and keeping the cafeteria off-limits to more than one person at a time. But with schools closed, they had to get creative about childcare for their employees.

That's when Derek Volk took to Facebook. He put out an appeal for babysitters, created a list for his staff and arranged to cover all of the costs.

"You have to get as creative as possible during these times," said Amy in an interview with NewsRadio WGAN.

The company is also considering creating new weekend shifts for employees who prefer to be with their kids during the week. "Also, we have a daily meeting at 3:20 p.m. between shifts every day -- and we are using the PA system now, so people aren't gathering," said Amy.

She explains that during times of crisis it's important that people see and hear from their leaders. She says that Derek is consistently there communicating so staff "know you're there too, and not afraid to go to work."

Story Credit: Interview on NewsRadio WGAN, March 23, 2020 https://soundcloud.com/newsradio-wgan/wgan-morning-news-coronavirus-update

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