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As the world's largest organization of CEOs, we understand the importance of coming together with peers to make the important decisions that matter most. That's why we're committed to bringing leaders from across the world together in real-time conversations and connecting them with the tools and resources they need. Through our "Leading in Challenging Times" series, we're committed to facilitating the conversations that leaders need now, so they can make better decisions that forge better tomorrows. Explore a small sampling of our original content below.

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A CEO's Guide to Leading in Challenging Times

This guide offers five "distilled" lessons learned over six decades of helping CEOs overcome the adversity of all kinds while taking their businesses to grand new heights.
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Coronavirus Resource Center for Leaders

The Vistage Coronavirus Resource Center aims to provide the most up-to-date, valuable resources to help business executives lead in challenging times.
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Vistage Research Center

Get up-to-date resources on leading during these unprecedented times from experts.
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CARES Act and SBA Loans

Free on-demand webinar that details how businesses can leverage loan relief.
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Leading in Challenging Times LinkedIn Group

We created this group to facilitate the conversation among leaders of all stages, industries, and communities during this challenging time.

Public Webinar Series for Leaders

Find trusted advice and perspectives each month from featured guests and Vistage speakers.
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The business baseline of COVID-19

Across the country and around the world, total business activity is sitting at ground level, waiting to rise up.
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Managing Your Business Through Crisis and Beyond

Free on-demand webinar about how leaders can successfully manage their businesses through COVID-19.
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21 Day Challenge to Spread Positivity and Reduce Stress

Challenge yourself to one or more of these practices for 21 days.
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How to protect your business from coronavirus

Companies that prepare for circumstances they can predict are in the best position to react to events they can't control.
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7 smart financial strategies for surviving an economic crisis

Candid advice for CEOs trying to prepare their firms for today's tumultuous environment.
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6 remote work tools for virtual teams to thrive

These tools can help your team be productive and communicative no matter where employees are working.

Leading in Challenging Times Resource Center

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Our members are helping each other work through difficult decisions and challenge their thinking.

Our proven approach to decision-making has endured for over 60 years, helping business leaders excel during the best and worst of times.

Consider what it would mean for you to have a similar sounding board. As a Vistage member, you can tap the collective wisdom of peers for fresh perspectives and find answers in a global network of experts.

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