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Purple Heart Homes brings vital supplies throughout North Carolina

Under the leadership of CEO John Gallina, Purple Hearts Homes has been instrumental in helping to protect, help and safeguard those affected by the virus.

  • Name: Tim Mangum
  • Title: Chief Administrative Officer
  • Company: Purple Hearts Homes
  • Region: Statesville, North Carolina
  • Industry: Construction
  • Vistage Chair: David Zerfoss

Vistage Member Tim Mangum is Chief Administrative Officer of Purple Heart Homes, a 501(c)(3) organization in Charlotte, North Carolina, that provides home construction and housing support to America's veterans.

The organization snapped into action as the coronavirus began to spread, organizing quickly to get vital medical supplies to different organizations throughout Charlotte.

Leadership Opportunity: Under the leadership of CEO John Gallina, PHP has been instrumental in helping to protect, help and safeguard those affected by the virus. As of April 1, PHP has been able to donate the following life-saving supplies:

  • 2,500 N95 respirators to Share Charlotte to be distributed to local medical facilities

  • 1,500 surgical masks and N95 respirators to a local hospital and pediatric facility

  • 80 N95 respirators to Local Harvest Food Bank

  • 80 N95 respirators to 5th Street Ministries

  • 80 N95 respirators to Local Veterans' Transititional House

  • 300 N95 respirators and 500 masks to Gordon Hospice House

  • 120 N95 respirators to individual veterans

  • 160 N95 respirators to the Statesville Police Department

  • 160 N95 respirators to the Statesville Fire Department

  • 160 N95 respirators and 1,000 masks to the Iredell County Sheriff's Department

  • 52 five-gallon buckets, 13 gallon jugs and 43 spray bottles to a local distillery that has switched to hand sanitizers.

"At Purple Heart Homes we feel that it is our civic duty to be a part of the solution and help where we can. We have made adjustments for our staff to remain safe and to protect our clients. With the support of the community we will carry on and continue to do our part while serving our nation's veterans," says Mangum.

PHP has also taken every precaution to keep the veterans they serve safe and out of harm's way of this virus. For information visit: https://purplehearthomesusa.org/

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